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4 days 3 nights GRADE Easy


"Discover the magic of Bhutan with 'Ser-Yoed' Tours and Travel. As an officially licensed company under the Tourism Council of Bhutan, we bring you a unique and joyful travel experience. Our founders, seasoned travelers themselves, believe in the out-of-this-world charm of Bhutan that deserves to be shared. Specializing in inbound tours, we offer customized programs with guaranteed visa processing, experienced tour guides, diverse dining options, comprehensive transport services, and gender-sensitive travel packages. Experience the best of Bhutan's cultural richness, trekking, festivals, and bird watching with us. Recognized by Lonely Planet in 2020, Bhutan stands as a top destination with eco-friendly tours blending seamlessly with our traditions."

"Travel is the only expense that makes you richer. It opens your eyes to new landscapes, cultures, and perspectives, turning each journey into a priceless chapter of self-discovery."
"Traveling is a passport to endless possibilities. It's about embracing the unknown, collecting moments over things, and discovering that the greatest stories are written with the ink of experiences in every corner of the world."

"Life is a grand adventure, and every journey, no matter how small, plays a part in the magnificent tapestry of our existence. Travel not only takes us places but leaves an indelible mark on our souls, reminding us that the world is vast, and the human spirit is boundless."

Author : Pema wangchuk