: Food in Bhutan

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Bhutanese consider the chilly as a vegetable, so local delicacies are hot. Most dishes contain cheese and chilies.

" Bhutanese cuisine is celebrated for bold flavors, robust spices, and unique ingredient blends. Emphasizing communal meals as a core aspect of hospitality, urban areas like Thimphu offer diverse cafes and restaurants featuring international cuisines such as Korean, Japanese, Indian, Nepali, Russian, and Thai. "
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" Bhutan's high-end establishments, often affiliated with 4 and 5-star hotels, offer international or fusion cuisine prepared by specialized chefs. The growing cafe culture in Bhutanese cities provides diverse themes and styles, serving coffee, pastries, and snacks. Whether opting for traditional or fusion options, visitors can immerse themselves in the country's diverse culinary scene."

But all hotels prepare dishes tempered to the tastes of the visitor, which, apart from Bhutanese dishes, also offer a variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine.