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If you want to work overseas, you could perhaps look for the best overseas job consultancy. Why look for the best opportunity within your country’s borders when the world is full of them? Companies and hiring managers are more interested in talent than in nationality. So you have a fantastic opportunity to work in a different country with a better pay and perks. A reputed and reliable overseas job consultancy in India can help narrow down the perfect overseas position.

Talented professionals can be found in countries such as India. It is no longer difficult to travel abroad for work. However, we must admit that foreign companies pay higher wages and developed countries have a higher standard of living than developing countries. As a result, many people aspire to work in these countries.. Global companies see Indian talent as promising and are looking to hire more Indians. Overseas recruitment, on the other hand, is expensive for businesses. As a result, they seek assistance from overseas job consultants in India. The best overseas job consultancy is one that works with top global corporations.


POINT B TRAVELS is the one-stop shop for all of your overseas assignment concerns. So, let’s find out how POINT B TRAVELS can assist you in obtaining the appropriate position in the country of your dreams.

  • POINT B TRAVELS is one of India’s best and most experienced overseas job consultants. It has over years of experience in overseas recruitment. The team has seen all of the changes in the overseas recruitment cycle and is well-versed in the recruitment procedures used by all of the top companies.
  • POINT B TRAVELS has the best recruitment team, with a conversion rate of more than 70%. In today’s competitive environment, maintaining such a high rate indicates an effective recruitment team.
  • POINT B TRAVELS also has a large clientele. As a result, the firm has become India’s most preferred and trusted overseas job consultant. Overseas job consultants in India work with the best companies from all over the world. As a result, it always has promising career opportunities for job seekers.
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Know your worth and find the job that qualify your life